How I learn about Reiki

I am my brother's keeper

This is my brother John Raphy Bistis. We use to call him BBOY in short of Baby Boy. He was the youngest and the only brother I had until May 2017 when he transcended back to our home in the cosmos.

Back in 2015, while I am in my second year of Psychiatry residency training he visited me during my 58 hour straight on duty from his training as a policeman which I ended up admitting him at 12 midnight due to massive hemoptysis (coughing out blood). To make the long story short, after diagnostics and surgical procedures, he was diagnosed to have a rare case of cancer called "synovial sarcoma" stage 4 with multiple lung metastasis.

It was during his first admission that I have learned about REIKI because the Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry is a Reiki Practitioner. She visited me and my brother during this admission since we did not have any relatives in the place where I had my training. She gave Reiki to my brother while he continuously having a massive hemoptysis. The effect was miraculous as my brother stopped coughing and was able to sleep after a few minutes of hands-on reiki session. He was saved just minutes from being intubated as the intubation set was already prepared inside the room.

Since then, other psychiatrists who are reiki practitioners gave my brother reiki especially before, during and after his chemotherapy which helped him a lot. Reiki was also given to him when he was preparing to go back to the cosmos and helped him transcend peacefully last May 3, 2017. Reiki is also very much helpful to his wife, my parents, sister and me during his illness and after his death.

Because of my first-hand experience of the effects of Reiki, I took a year-long in-person training until I was certified as Medical and Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master.

I hope you could experience Reiki too. Let me share with you this healing technique.

Dr. Christine Rio Bistis-Nadala, PhD,MPM, CMRM,RMT

Certified Medical Reiki Master, Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher

Hi! I am a Certified Medical and Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master. I am an International Medical Doctor with specialization in General Psychiatry, earned my doctorate in Educational Management and master’s degree in Public Management major in Health Systems and Development in the Philippines. Since I just moved here in Lincoln, Nebraska, I am still in the process of getting my credentials on board to practice my profession soon. Thus, presently, I am not practicing medicine in the State of Nebraska. However, I am pursuing a fellowship in psychoanalysis apart from practicing Reiki. The Reiki Practice does not require licensing in the State of Nebraska.

I am the sole practitioner/ owner of the Plaza West Reiki Space.

I am a member of the Reiki Healing Association, Raven Keyes Medical Reiki International Certified Medical Reiki Master and American Association of Drugless Practitioner Board Certified. I am also an insured practitioner of Energy Medicine Professional Association.

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This is a haven of peace, relaxation, and healing.

We aim to restore your health and vitality through holistic and non-invasive healing technique to let your body heal itself.


Our mission statement turns our vision into action by stating that our primary purpose is to provide a complementary healing technique in the community that blends easily with all conventional treatments.



An avant-garde leader, The Plaza West Reiki Space integrates the practice of Medical Reiki as a complementary healing technique into hospitals and healthcare systems as a whole in the State of Nebraska. It empowers individuals to participate in their own healing process through the services offered.

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Plaza West Reiki Space is dedicated to providing a holistic and non-invasive healing technique to individuals or caregivers:

  • facing serious illnesses, disabilities or trauma;

  • overcoming the pressures of career, relationships, parenting, and finances;

  • accessing one's own inner wisdom and creativity, as well as expand one's consciousness and spiritual awareness.

Through the medical reiki services, we support a complementary healing practice that facilitates health and well-being.

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